IR35 survival kit download – protect your contracting income

Qdos Contractor has created a pack of free resources to help professional contractors understand, and negotiate IR35 successfully.

The Survival Kit includes:

  • Key facts about IR35
  • A step by step guide to the process of an IR35 enquiry
  • A checklist of important evidence all contractors should gather
  • A DIY IR35 contract review guide
  • A table to illustrate the actual financial liability of being caught by IR35
  • Common myths about the legislation

ir35 surviveSeb Maley from Qdos explains further:

“There is a huge amount of information about IR35 on the internet; some of it is accurate and helpful, but a lot of it is not. It means that getting to grips with IR35 is becoming increasingly difficult for contractors, which is a major problem given the recent increase in HMRC activity.

“We feel it is important for contractors themselves to understand IR35 and to know exactly what to expect – and how to react – if they are ever selected for enquiry. With the IR35 Survival Kit we cover all of the important facts and issues surrounding IR35 in an easy to digest document, which contractors can refer to as and when required.”

Download the IR35 survival kit here

You can download the kit here.

IR35 Protection

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Last updated: 2nd August 2019