Which training expenses can you claim via your company?

training it contractor costs

Ongoing training is key to enhancing your existing skills, and sourcing new contract work, but which training costs can you claim via your limited company’s tax bill? Thanks to contractor accountants, Taxevo for answering our questions: What type of training qualifies as a genuine company expense? The cost of training can be claimed as a … Read more

Critical illness insurance for contractors

it contractor critical illness cover

Critical illness insurance is a type of policy designed to cover you if you happen to be diagnosed with a serious medical condition. It’s a policy aimed specifically at contractors and other limited company directors. Read more

Contractor expenses – what is the P11D form?

P11D payroll form

Form P11D details the cash equivalent of benefits and expenses UK-based employers have provided to company directors and employees in a given tax year. It’s a statutory form required by HMRC and has to be submitted annually. Read more