How to change the name of your limited company

At some stage during your contracting career, you may decide that you would like to change the name of your limited company.

Typically, you may feel that your current company name is inappropriate for a professional services company, or it may be too specific or niche for your current line of contract work.

Changing your company name – special resolution

It is fairly straightforward to change a company name.

Your company can either pass a special resolution at a board meeting or in the case of most contractor limited companies, all shareholders can sign a written special resolution. There may also be another method specified in your Articles of Association.

You can view a sample written resolution here.

Paperwork / fee you need to send to Companies House

Once you have passed the special resolution, you should then submit (or send) the signed document to Companies House with the correct processing fee, together with Form NM01 (Notice of change of name by resolution).

If you are changing the name in a different method, as detailed in your Articles, you will need to file Form NM04 (but this is unlikely for most contractors).

Webfiling and Software Filing (used by your accountant) of Form NM01 costs £8 or £30 for the ‘same day service’. Paper filing costs £10 or £50 for the same day service.

Your contractor accountant should be more than happy to facilitate the submission process on your behalf if required.

Is your new company name available?

Don’t forget, you must ensure that your new company name is available before submitting your paperwork, otherwise, it will be rejected.

Follow the same procedures as when you set up your company in the first place. Try our guide to choosing a company name as a starting point.

Read Companies’ House guide GP1 – Incorporation and Names for the complete guide to naming your company.

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Last updated: 16th June 2019