Dividend Calculator – How much tax will you pay?

Use our salary and dividends calculator to work out how much additional tax you will have to pay on dividends drawn down from your limited company.

All calculations have been verified by our colleagues at Intouch Accounting.

Further Information / Assumptions

  • This calculator will work out the tax payable on any dividends you receive during the current tax year (plus previous years).
  • You will typically receive the full personal allowance for the year in question unless you receive £100,000 or more, where your personal allowance is reduced by £1 for every £2 you received over this limit.
  • Any restricted allowances, to the extent the restriction applies to the salary is reflected in PAYE and the total liability.
  • You were employed throughout the year and this is your only employed income.
  • No benefits in kind or other non-employment income have been received during the year.
  • The Employers Allowance is taken into account in the Employers NI calculation
  • The calculator asks if you have two or more employees, to determine whether or not you qualify for the Employment Allowance.
  • Income tax rates and bands used apply to all of the UK, except Scotland – which has separate rates.

Thanks to Intouch for their help in creating this calculator. InTouchCalc

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Last updated: 18th June 2020