Top 20 contract rate negotiation tips

If you are about to start a new contract, or if you're coming up for renewal, these tips may come in handy to help you maximise your earning potential, while keeping on the right side of your agent and end-client.

How to value your skills and negotiate the best contract rates

The ability to successfully negotiate your contract rate with clients and agents will serve you well in your career as a contractor. Here are some things to bear in mind when working out how much to charge for your skills.

Positive outlook for IT contracting industry in 2014

After several tough years for the economy, confidence has started to rise again. Here we look at the outlook for the contracting industry in 2014.

Contract rates – How much will you earn as an IT contractor?

How to determine what contract rate you can realise for your skills, how much more you can earn than an 'employee', and where can you find average rate information on the web?

Contract renewals – Should you ask for a contract rate increase?

Once you have been in a contract for a while, you may be offered a IT contract extension. How to tell if this is a good time to negotiate a contract rate increase.

UBS contractors told to swallow 10% rate cut

UBS is the latest bank to announce a series of job cuts, and contractors aren't immune according to The Register.

How to negotiate your IT contract rate successfully

Negotiating your contract rate is a vital stage in your life as an IT contractor. In this guide, we look at the main factors which determine your bargaining power at any given time.

What hourly / daily contract rate should I charge?

How to work out what hourly rate you need to achieve in order to secure your target annual gross income.

Lloyds Banking Group slashes contractor rates, offshores jobs to India

IT contractor rates at Lloyds Banking Group have been slashed by 15%. Simultaneously, the bank has offshored record number of jobs to India.

Contract rates – how much do IT contractors earn?

The main factors which will affect the rates you can command as an IT contractor. From skills and experience, to economic conditions, agency commissions, and your company structure.