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Scottish contractors firmly against independence

Almost two-thirds of Scottish contractors said they'd vote 'no' if the independence referendum was held today - a firm rejection of the 'yes' campaign, according to a new poll.

The latest tax avoidance trick – running PSC contractors via umbrella schemes

In the latest tax avoidance news... some unscrupulous providers are now setting up workers via personal service companies, then processing their income via PAYE umbrella companies.

70% of contract interim managers now work in private sector

The latest IMA survey shows that private sector firms increasingly dominates demand for interim managers, the proportion of women interims is up, and 90% of recruiters are positive about 2014.

HMRC will use ‘motive’ to tackle tax avoidance schemes

An umbrella industry expert says that new legislation will ensure that it will soon be harder than ever for service providers working within the contracting industry to invent new schemes which have the sole purpose of avoiding tax.

PCG outlines contractor wishlist ahead of Budget 2014

The Chairman of contractors' organisation, PCG, has written to the Chancellor to outline what the UK's freelancers and contractors would like to see in Budget 2014.

Sharp rise in daily rates for interim managers

Average daily rates for contract interim managers have risen by more than 10% over the past 12 months, according to a recent poll.

Genuine contractors ‘not affected’ by new false self-employment measures

HMRC has confirmed that measures announced in the Autumn Statement to tackle false self-employment are aimed at mass-marketed schemes, and won't affect genuine contractors and freelancers.

BBC confirms new employment test, PCG warns against retrograde step

The BBC has confirmed that it will apply a new employment test on its existing freelancers from next week, which could force many individuals to join the Corporation's payroll.

Contractor accountant warns over late filing penalties

A leading contractor accountancy firm has urged limited company contractors not to underestimate the importance of hiring a specialist accountant.

Is the BBC about to outlaw limited company contractors?

The Daily Mail reports that the BBC may take action against limited company workers within weeks, as it rolls out an in-house employment test.