Dormant limited company guide for contractors

A dormant limited company is simply one that is not actively trading, and no accounting transactions pass through it. Why would contractors use a dormant company?

How long should you keep your tax/accounting records for?

If you're running a contracting business, there are a number of tax and business records you need to keep in a safe place. Here we look at which records you need to keep, and for how long.

Your company annual accounts – the basics, and filing deadlines

If you have set up a new limited company for your contracting business, when do you have to submit your company accounts to Companies House and HMRC?

Top 20 contract rate negotiation tips

If you are about to start a new contract, or if you're coming up for renewal, these tips may come in handy to help you maximise your earning potential, while keeping on the right side of your agent and end-client.

How to virtualise your contracting business

How to create a virtual contracting business that can be managed from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a WiFi connection.

SJD Accountancy / Nixon Williams in £100m acquisition

Two big names in the contractor accounting industry have been acquired by a specialist private equity firm in a deal worth an estimated £100m.

How to give your contractor LinkedIn profile a boost

Here are some tips to ensure you maintain a cutting edge LinkedIn profile, and increase you chances of getting re-connected to old colleagues and noticed by prospective clients.

What is a director’s loan? – a guide for contractors

You might have heard your accountant mention a “director’s loan account” in your limited company. What do they mean, and is this something you need to be concerned about?

Do all IT contractors need to register for self assessment?

If you are unsure whether or not you need to register for self-assessment, the answer is always 'yes' if you are a limited company contractor, and 'maybe' if you are an umbrella company employee.

Things to avoid when choosing a contractor accountant

For limited company contractors, the professional person you are most likely to seek advice from is your accountant. We look at the five things you want to avoid when choosing a contractor accountancy firm.