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SJD Accountancy / Nixon Williams in £100m acquisition

Two big names in the contractor accounting industry have been acquired by a specialist private equity firm in a deal worth an estimated £100m.

How to give your contractor LinkedIn profile a boost

Here are some tips to ensure you maintain a cutting edge LinkedIn profile, and increase you chances of getting re-connected to old colleagues and noticed by prospective clients.

What is a director’s loan? – a guide for contractors

You might have heard your accountant mention a “director’s loan account” in your limited company. What do they mean, and is this something you need to be concerned about?

Do all IT contractors need to register for self assessment?

If you are unsure whether or not you need to register for self-assessment, the answer is always 'yes' if you are a limited company contractor, and 'maybe' if you are an umbrella company employee.

Things to avoid when choosing a contractor accountant

For limited company contractors, the professional person you are most likely to seek advice from is your accountant. We look at the five things you want to avoid when choosing a contractor accountancy firm.

Contractor accountant offers IR35 survival kit download

Qdos Accounting has created a pack of free resources to help contractors understand, and negotiate IR35 successfully.

Why should contractors choose a specialist accountant?

Given that all qualified accountants should be able to keep the books of your average limited company contractor, why do most contractors hire specialist accountancy firms?

Closing down a limited company – your options

We look at the different options you will face when shutting down your contracting business - keeping the company 'ticking along', applying for a voluntary strike off, or undertaking a members voluntary liquidation.

In what sense is your liability limited if you run a company?

One of the main attractions of working via your own company is that the liability of shareholders is limited. So, to what extent is the liability of company directors limited?

Give your contracting business a professional image

Many contractors would benefit from creating a professional image for themselves and their companies; to help stand out from the crowd, and impress potential clients.