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70% of contract interim managers now work in private sector

The latest IMA survey shows that private sector firms increasingly dominates demand for interim managers, the proportion of women interims is up, and 90% of recruiters are positive about 2014.

Online contractor accounting – what are the benefits?

Most contractor accountancy firms have embraced web-based technology to some degree, but what benefits can you gain from using online accounting software?

HMRC – an unlimited power to tax?

Lisa Keeble looks at how measures in the Finance Bill 2014 will make HMRC 'judge, jury and executioner' when deciding the fate of tax avoidance schemes and their users.

Umbrella companies – what is holiday pay?

As an employee of an umbrella company, you are entitled to receive statutory holiday pay. Here we look at how holiday pay is calculated for contractors.

Budget 2014 summary for IT contractors

A summary of the key points announced during Budget 2014, as the Chancellor announced radical reforms to the tax treatment of savings.

Employee vs. contractor – a comparative analysis

Here we look at the main differences between traditional employment and contracting, and what to bear in mind if you are an employer.

HMRC will use ‘motive’ to tackle tax avoidance schemes

An umbrella industry expert says that new legislation will ensure that it will soon be harder than ever for service providers working within the contracting industry to invent new schemes

5 ways to protect your contracting business assets

In this piece, we look at the measures contractors can take to protect their business assets via practical and technical methods.

Contract work – how to secure your next assignment

A leading contractor service provider has put together some top tips on how to secure your next contract assignment.

Dividends – how often should I take them, and when are they actually taxed?

We explore two of the questions most often asked by limited company contractors - involving the timing, and tax point of dividend declarations.